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A Short Peacemaker Review

There is an absolute shit ton of superhero content coming out right now. So much so that it is becoming harder and harder for TV shows and movies to really stand out. Thereby, that becomes the ultimate question. Does Peacemaker stand out amongst other superhero content? Well, sought of, let me explain…

The show overall is very good. Unique characters, good jokes and excellent action. However, one of the few gripes I have with it is how “James Gunny” it is. Hear me out. I love James Gun’s movies, especially Suicide Squad. I truly think he is very funny and original. What changed for me in Peacemaker is that it is a whole show of James Gun jokes. Halfway through they started to feel a little repetitive. Each joke goes like this – one character says something weird and unusual, another character calls them out and then they get into an argument about how stupid what they said is. In 2-hour movies, you don’t get sick of this, but in a TV show it just gets a little draining.

What James Gunn nailed was the character arc of Peacemaker. As with most people, when the show started, I was thinking “Fuck this guy” and I don’t want to watch a whole show about this clown. But very quickly I realised why he chose it. Gunn loves the outcasts. He loves the morally ambiguous lead characters as shown with all his work. As a result, Peacemaker works perfectly because he is an extreme version of this. And Gunn smashes it. The audience understand why he killed Rick Flag and also why he is so fucked up in the head. Ultimately, the show is a perfect extension of his character in Suicide Squad because it shows you how deep his backstory truly is.

On top of this, is the side characters. All of them compliment each other so well. Once again, Gunn knows how to write a team you care about. This is extremely off topic but in my head I kept thinking about Eternals. In this film, it is a team you just don’t give a flying fuck about. If Gunn directed it, that team would be very different. I guarantee you we would actually view them as a family. I think he is just a master at breaking down hard exteriors to show a soft centre within. Through this, the audience begins to actually care about a character and the people they love.

I do think the show has a bit of a midway slump. About halfway through it just feels like nothing happens for about 2 episodes. Honestly, I believe this was a film in his head and he stretched it out to make a TV Show. This is because the only part that seems like a show is how deep Peacemaker’s transformation is. Everything else just feels stretched to make it run longer, for example the relationship of Adebayo and her wife. It just feels like something written in to add more drama and tension.

SO! Does it stand out amongst other superhero content. Well yes because it is not bland and unoriginal like a lot of other content. What I would compare to is something like the Boys and Invincible.  And don’t get me wrong, this is a big compliment. I love these shows.

Should you watch Peacemaker?

Yes, absolutely. If you are in the mood for a funny and easy to watch show, then Peacemaker is your go. Especially if you are rewatching the Office for the 7th time…