How to get your web series made? – an interview with cheeky moon

I was lucky enough to interview Cheeky Moon’s own Claire Coe and Alastair Craig. The writing, filmmaking and sketch comedy act are based in Brisbane and have seen plenty of success already. They have been featured on Funny or Die, the ABC and film festivals all around the world. But perhaps at the centre of this is their upcoming movie length comedy series IT’S A CULT. As soon as […]

The Adult Store – An interview with Writer / Director Tahlia Miller

Before I did this interview, I had already heard about Adult Store. It is one of those concepts that almost make you jealous at how clever it is. You can instantly see the potential with this film through one simple line – three friends visit an adult store. I knew I had to get an interview with the writer and director to uncover what the film is about, how […]

Australia’s first horror sitcom – an interview with Writer / Director Madi Lee and Producer Josh Khay.

Before I dive into this interview, I just want to give a preface for this project. My goal for these interviews is to focus on the Brisbane film scene. In particular, emerging creators who’s projects I truly believe in and support. Essentially, I think Brisbane is not highlighted enough for its art and that’s exactly what I want to do. Also, for those who don’t know, every year Griffith […]