4 Underrated Movie Moments

For this list, it is only scenes I think people don’t know or don’t appreciate enough. More specifically, they are scenes I watch or think about almost daily. Enjoy…

or don’t it’s up to you really.

4. Moneyball – It’s a process

Before you start punching the screen hear me out. I know Moneyball is a big movie, but I still believe this scene gets overshadowed.

It is truly one of the most motivational scenes I have ever seen. Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill are perfect in this. They nail that inspiring coach that we have all seen countless times before. In particular is Brad’s line delivery. How he interacts with the players feels so natural and authentic. You feel as if he knows exactly what he is talking about – a true baseball player. But what is so amazing is his delivery in the locker room.

“I hate losing, I hate losing more then I want to win” and “It’s a process”

He delivers them with such passion that you feel the weight of how important this game is to him. 

Also, the music has this drive to it. This motivation passion. It feels as if it is pushing the characters forward and in turn inspiring the audience to accomplish their goals. Or maybe I just listen to this soundtrack to much.

3. Brothers Bloom – Card Trick

Apart from Good Will Hunting, this is my favourite monologue I have ever seen. It is a masterclass in using visual ques and music to keep the audience engaged. Essentially, without the card trick this scene would not retain the attention of the audience. It uses the card trick to disarm them, so they pay attention to this very pivotal moment in the film

On top of this, it has this beautiful flow to it. Everything combines together to give off this bittersweet emotion. The contrast of their facial expressions, the haunting story and even the upbeat music. It all combines to encapsulate this character. We now know everything about her, in the space of 2 minutes.

2. Old man and The Gun – Prison Escape

I would honestly say this entire movie is underrated. But in particular is this singular moment. It is simply just creative. Supposedly, David Lowery had the goal of showcasing Robert Redford’s entire career as it was his last starring role. But I believe it does so much more than that. To me, it showcases the entirety of prison films. References to Shawshank, the Great Escape and Escape from Alcatraz are littered throughout this montage.

On top of this is Daniel Harts amazing theme. I have spoken about it before in my Going Solo pitch but this song slaps so hard. Like Mychael Danna’s It’s a Process, this song has such a sense of drive and motivation. The slow build-up brings this scene to life perfectly.

  1. The Way Way Back – Go your own way

Most people if they watch this scene will be very confused as to what I am talking about. If you haven’t seen the movie, I have no idea if its effective– I have seen it to many times.

To me, it is extremely powerful. It is the final development in a character who is deeply struggling. The final piece that finally fixes him and sends him on the right path. Such simple words have honestly stayed in my heard ever since I heard them.

“Go your own way.”

I’m not going to dive into any poetic or philosophical shit.  But these words embody the entire theme of the film and what I have tried to focus on as well. Carve your own path. Take your own road. That is why this scene slaps so hard that my hand is red. It is a simple reminder of what is truly important.