Go see this film before its too late!

Everything everywhere all at once. Wow. What a fucking movie. I went in with very high expectations for this film and I was still blown away. Not even about the absurd concepts but simply the writing and the characters. It is one of those movies that could genuinely change your perspective on life, and definitely did for me.

I am going to keep this extremely short for two reasons. Firstly, I don’t want to spoil anything (don’t even watch the trailers for this) and secondly, I only have one major point. Go see this film in a cinema near you. I know its still playing at certain cinemas and trust me, it is worth it. It is one of those films that are built for the cinematic experience. Not only for the spectacle of seeing these amazing visuals on screen but also for the audience experience, let me explain…

For me, seeing a film in cinema is amazing for one specific reason – the audience’s reaction. Seeing people laugh, shit themselves or cry is one of the best bits of going to the movies. It is why I want to be a filmmaker and why I love cinema so much. Everything everywhere all at once is built for this. It has everything I just said and more. Everyone in my cinema was audibly shocked at some of the moments in this film and that is truly incredible. They went from laughing to crying to simply stunned with the absurd concepts the writers created. Trust me, go see it in the biggest cinema you can.

I have one more point to make as to why film goers should go see this movie and as usual, it comes back to Marvel. This point has been made a lot and honestly better then me by some people but I will still give it a crack (check out Karsten Runquist video here). Dr Strange 2 recently came out and it filled up cinemas everywhere. For some cinemas, that is all they played. Everything everywhere all at once is a very similar movie. They both dive into the multiverse and also the relationship between a mother and their children. EEAAO is by far a better film. Apologies to Sam Raimi, but it is not even in the same league. It has better characters, goes way weirder with the concepts, has better writing, action, dialogue, everything except the horror is better. And yet EEAAO was barely played in cinemas and Dr Strange took them over. I am not nieve. I know its Marvel verses an indie film – I get that but if people who love cinema are reading this, I really believe they should go support it. Otherwise, all we are going to see on the big screen is Disney, reboots and remakes. Seeing this film in a cinema is supporting original stories and new ideas. Trust me, go see this film.

Amazing Video on what I was talking about